Loxx is a smart tool for everyone dealing with text based log files as they are written by setups, debug traces etc..

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  • Fast load and display of large files.
  • Line number display
  • Real time refresh of running logs
  • Colored line highlighting
  • Content filters (also in running logs) (*)
  • Fast plain text, regex (*) and wildcard (*) search
  • Various encodings (UTF16, UTF8, Win1252, ISO-8859-1/2)
  • Bookmarks, selections, copy content.
  • Inline scroll bar display of bookmarks and find matches
  • Line based file editing (delete, filtering, append files) (*)
  • Time synchronization between several opened files (*)
  • Parallel view of the same file with different filter settings


   (*) A license is required for:

  • Saving of changed files.
  • Any use of wild card and regex expressions.
  • File filtering.
  • Time synchronizations between files.
  • Automation API.

System requirements:

  • Windows 8 or 10
  • A fast SSD drive is recommended

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